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Financials & Annual Reports

Emporia Community Foundation’s mission is to enrich the Emporia and surrounding communities life through philanthropy, collaboration and leadership.  We feel the prudent management and care of the funds entrusted to us is very important in achieving that mission.  The investment and spending policies of the Foundation are designed to ensure careful management of Foundation assets in order to serve the long-term best interests of the community. It is recognized that these assets constitute a public trust, and the Foundation accepts a high degree of fiduciary responsibility and accountability for them.

The Foundation believes in providing our annual reports to be transparent in our efforts for our communities. Copies of our 990 reports are made available at the office of the Foundation, 527 Commercial St. Ste. B, during normal business hours. If a 990T is filed, that will be made available also during normal business hours.

Additionally, the Foundation's audit, financial review, or agreed-upon procedures (depending on which is performed) will also be made available upon request, along with the names of our investment managers, various fees charged, and all appointees responsible for investment and investment oversight. It is our hope that these provisions will help the Emporia Community Foundation serve its donors and the general public.