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Types of Funds and Description: 


Scholarship Type Funds:
  Berta I. Miller Disability Education Fund
  Buxton Memorial Fund  
  ESU Division of Nursing
   Bookstore credit for ESU Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling students
   In memory of Nick Buxton for technical education in Power Training
   For scholarships and  aid to the ESU Division of Nursing Program
  HOTT Fund
   For Scholarships for local  Hispanic students
  Longbine Memorial Fund       
   In memory of Greg Longbine for aid to EHS athletic programs
  USD 253 Scholarship Fund
   For scholarships for graduates of Emporia High School
  USD 284 Chase County Scholarships     
   For scholarships for graduates of Chase County High School
  Wheat Scholarship Fund
   In memory of Buster and Eugenia Wheat for students in North Lyon County


Children Type Funds:
  79 Fund
To improve Emporia and specifically the children of Emporia
  Camp Wood
To improve the programs and activities of Camp Wood YMCA
  East 9th Ave. Park
For improvements to the park located on the east side of Emporia, KS
  Emporia Friends of the Zoo
For continued improvements and embellishments to the Emporia Zoo
  Emporia Public School Fund
To help with unbudgeted items for the Emporia Schools
  Girl Scouts
  Heather Stewart Endowment Fund
For the girl scouts of the Flint Hills Region
To improve the programs and activities of Camp Wood YMCA
  Never Let Go Fund
  Sertoma Train Fund                    
  Twin Rivers Junior Shooting Sports   
Financial assistance to Lyon County families with children battling cancer
To improve and maintain the train at Soden's Grove Park
To improve and support promoting youth firearms and hunting safety
  What's In Outoors Fund
To support and promote youth/family activites in the Great Outdoors


General Improvement Funds:
  Amtrak Train Depot Fund
  Arts II Endowment Fund
To provide a depot for an Amtrak train stop in Emporia, KS
To improve and maintain the Emporia Arts Council and its programs
  Arvonia Historical Preservation Society
  Chase County Community Fund
  Chase County Good Samaritan Fund
To support preservation and restoration of historic buildings in Arvonia, KS
To aid Chase County with its charitable needs
To provide for immediate and critical needs of residents in Chase County, KS
  Clements Bridge Fund
To restore, improve, and maintain the Clements Bridge in Chase County, KS
  Emporia Area Match Day Fund
  Emporia Arts Council  Fund
To support the Emporia Area Match Day event
To endow the operations of the Emporia Arts Council
  Emporia's Building Futures Fund
Build futures for all Emporians through the City and the Chamber
  Emporia Christian School
To support the operations and programs of the Emporia Christian School
  Emporia City Band Fund
To endow the operation of the Summer City Band
  Emporia Humanitarian Center
To remodel and upgrade services for tenants as outlined in the Center's mission
  Fairgrounds Development
To improve and develop the Lyon County Fairgrounds
  Fair Improvement for Lyon County
For improvements to the Lyon County Fair
  Food for Students Fund
To provide nutritional support the needy children of USD 253
  Friends-F.H. Community Health Center
To aid the Community Health Center in serving the Emporia area
  Granada Alliance
To endow the operations of the Granada Theater
  Growing Greenwood Fund
To aid Greenwood County with its charitable needs
  Hamilton Community Improvement
To improve the community of Hamilton, KS
  Hetlinger Development Center
An endowment for the continued operation of the Hetlinger Center
  Humane Society
To endow the operations of the Humane Society
  Kansas Parks Trust
To support the operations and programs of the Kansas Parks Trust
  Knights of Columbus #1589 Improvement
To improve and maintain the building widely used by the Olpe community
  Lyon County Extension Council Fund
To support the programs of Extension within Lyon County
  Lyon County Historical Society
To endow the operations of the Historical Society
  Main Street
  Main Street Campaign Fund
For improvements to the Emporia Main Street Program and its mission
To support projects for the betterment of Emporia Main Street
  Morgan Wilke Fund
To support proper care of seniors, women, and children in Emporia, KS
  Nancy Keller Preservation Fund -CCCF
To preserve the Courthouse in Cottonwood Falls, KS
  National St. Teacher of the Year
To endow the National State Teacher of the Year Program
  Perkins Fund for the Future
To endow the operations and grant making of ECF
  Reading Community Development Fund     
To improve the city of Reading, KS and its environs
  Reading Playground Fund
To improve the Reading, KS city park
  Red Rocks Endowment Fund
To endow the operation of the White home in Emporia (Red Rocks)
  SOS Endowment
  St. Andrews Fund
To endow the operation of the SOS organization
To improve St. Andrews Church and it's facility in Emporia, KS
  WAW Legacy Day Fund
  Emporia Community Foundation
To establish and sustain William Allen White Legacy Day
For the general benefit of the Community forever
Because ECF continues to add new funds frequently and some funds request anonymity, this is not a complete list